1 Year Baby Diet Chart

Baby Diet Chart by Age: 1 Year old Baby Food Recipes

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1 Year Baby Diet Chart

Confused what and when to feed your 1 year old baby. Use 1 year baby diet chart to find out all about it. This 1 year old baby food chart below is the food breakup of the entire day for your baby. It is just a general recommendation so if your baby eats a little more or less than these recommended times a day, it is completely fine. We do not suggest and specify the quantity you should be feeding to your baby because each baby is different. Avoid force-feeding, it is very dangerous for babies. Always go for your baby’s comfort.


Baby Diet : 1 Year Old Baby Food

The 1 year old baby food can include everything that is cooked at home just remember that it should be cooked well. By this time, your baby is ready to enter toddlerhood which means that the body is full developed to digest all kinds of food cooked at home. You can reduce the milk intake gradually so that they eat solid food more.

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By now you should be feeding your baby with thick solid food. Avoid giving mashed puree food to your baby to avoid difficulties later. Also, try not to offer Breastfeeding or bottle feeding to your baby. You should make your baby learn to eat using spoon and drink using a glass or sipper.


Homemade Food Recipe for 1 Year Old Baby

Following are homemade food recipe for 1 year old baby


1 Year Baby Diet Chart

This 1 year baby diet chart is just a guideline to help you plan baby meals. Feel free to make changes to it based on your baby’s preferences.

Early Morning
Breakfast Mid-Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner Late night
Mon BM/ Formula Besan ka cheela Baked Sweet Potato Fries Chhole rice Cheese pieces Chapati with Okra(bhindi) curry BM/ Formula
Tue BM/ Formula Vegetable poha Watermelon scoops Chapati with dal and cauliflower potato curry Banana Smoothie Parantha with paneer bhurji BM /Formula
Wed BM /Formula Egg sandwich Potato wedges Curd rice with rasam Fruit yogurt Vegetable soup with jeera rice BM /Formula
Thu BM /Formula Sweet potato kheer Cheeku pieces Rice, dal and green beans Curd with banana Rice with egg curry BM /Formula
Fri BM /Formula Suji Upma Banana slices Kadhi chawal French Toast Paneer parantha BM /Formula
Sat BM /Formula Ragi dosa Cucumber sticks Chicken soup with bread Cheeku smothie Dosa with aloo masala BM /Formula
Sun BM /Formula Aloo parantha Halved grapes Rice with fish Papaya Milkshake Masoor dal Khichdi with curd BM /Formula
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