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8 Ridiculous Birth Control Myths

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Contraceptives or birth control pills are drugs used to avoid getting pregnant. However, because of lack of awareness among couples there exist a lot of birth control myths. Read through to know some of the ridiculous birth control myths.

Birth Control Myths:

  1. Taking birth control pill makes you gain weight.

It is a myth. There is no clear evidence that birth control pills make you gain weight.


  1. You have to take contraception pills same time every day else it’s ineffective.

This is one of the most common birth control myth. As long as you take a pill each day, the effectiveness stays. If you miss taking a pill a day, you can take 2 pills the following day too.


  1. Taking Birth Control pill messes up with your fertility?

There is no clear evidence that suggests that taking birth control pill impacts future fertility. Age could be one factor that may impact your fertility. Getting pregnant at 40 may be difficult as compared to conceiving in 30s.

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  1. You should stop taking birth control few months before you plan to get pregnant so as to balance your body hormones.

This is not true. You will get those hormones back within a day or so when you plan to get pregnant. The reason some gynae suggest to stop taking birth control months before you plan to get pregnant is to start your ovulation regularly.

  1. Using 2 condoms instead of 1 can prevent you from getting pregnant.

Using 2 condoms does not help in avoiding pregnancy. Actually using 2 condoms make it more likely to slip off.


  1. If a guy masturbates a couple of time before having sex, chances of getting pregnant reduce?

Unfortunately, this is birth control myth. Male body can produce sperm every single time you have sex hence there are chances of getting pregnant.


  1. You will not get pregnant if you have sex while standing?

Although sex position plays an important role and increases chances of getting pregnant however if you stand up and have sex, still sperm can travel and meet egg and fertilize.

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  1. If your partner pulls off his penis just before ejaculation, there is no way you can get pregnant.

Ejaculation is a physical and emotional feeling which causes release of sperm. No matter if your partner pulls out just before ejaculation, chances are some sperms may still travel and meet egg and fertilize them.


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