9 Month Baby Diet Chart

Baby Diet Chart by Age: 9 Month old Baby Food Recipes

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9 Month Baby Diet Chart

Confused what and when to feed your 9 month old baby. Use 9 month baby diet chart to find out all about it. This 9 month old baby food chart below is the food breakup of the entire day for your baby. It is just a general recommendation so if your baby eats a little more or less than these recommended times a day, it is completely fine. We do not suggest and specify the quantity you should be feeding to your baby because each baby is different. Avoid force feeding, it is very dangerous for babies. Always go for your baby’s comfort.

Baby Diet : 9 Month Old Baby Food

The 9 month old baby food can include more complex food items than the previous months. By this time babies are ready to have cereals and grains 3 times a day. The 9 month old baby food chart can include non-vegetarian items like eggs and meat. Pediatrician approval is needed before introducing the non-vegetarian items in the menu.  You can now start with introducing the following food items in your baby now. It is recommended that you wait for at least 3 days before you start a new baby food to look for any sign of allergy and reactions in your baby.

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  • Scrambled egg
  • Avocado
  • Chapati
  • Plain Rice

Homemade Food Recipe for 9 Month old Baby

Following are homemade food recipe for 9 month old baby


9 Month Old Baby Food Chart

This 9 month old baby food chart is just a guideline to help you plan baby meals. Feel free to make changes to it based on your baby’s preferences.

Early Morning Breakfast Mid-Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner Latenight
Mon BM /Formula Steamed idli BM /Formula Khichdi with vegetables BM /Formula Vegetable pulao BM /Formula
Tue BM /Formula Scrambled egg yolk with bread BM /Formula Plain rice, toor dal and cauliflower curry BM /Formula Chapati with peas and potato curry BM /Formula
Wed BM /Formula Suji Upma with veggies BM /Formula Curd rice with mashed pumpkin BM /Formula Vegetable Fried rice with egg yolk BM /Formula
Thu BM /Formula Ragi Dosa BM /Formula Dalia/ Broken Wheat Rice Porridge with Vegetables BM /Formula Small aloo parantha BM /Formula
Fri BM /Formula Avocado mash with buttered toast BM /Formula Chapati with chhole gravy BM /Formula Vegetable and noddle soup BM /Formula
Sat BM /Formula Papaya and rice cereal BM /Formula Aloo paratha BM /Formula Chapati with Bottlegourd curry BM /Formula
Sun BM /Formula Stewed Pears with rice cereal BM /Formula Rice with mixed vegetables soup BM /Formula Small paneer parantha BM /Formula
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