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9th Month Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

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Tips For Normal Delivery In 9th Month

Normal delivery or vaginal birth is only possible if the mother takes good care of her all throughout her pregnancy. Eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, exercises, and yoga is very important if one plans for natural delivery. Read this article and find out 9th month pregnancy tips for normal delivery or natural childbirth.


Why Do Women Prefer Natural Childbirth Than C-Section

There has always been a discussion on whether natural childbirth should be preferred over c-section or not. Most of the doctors suggest and try to convince would be moms to go for natural childbirth, however, moms are anxious about the normal delivery pain and child safety hence prefer to go for c-section.

Baby born with normal delivery is no surprise and there is no sure shot formula to have a normal delivery, however, there are certain things that would-be-moms should pay attention to improve chances of natural birth.

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9th Month Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

Follow the following 9 month pregnancy exercise for normal delivery: –

Normal Delivery Tips

  • Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Your diet should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take multivitamins as suggested by doctor regularly.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle. You can do light exercises and yoga for normal delivery. Do remember to consult your doctor or a professional yoga instructor for the permissible asanas.
  • Intake a lot of water. You should at least drink 8 to 10 glasses of water if you want normal baby delivery.
  • You should try to remain happy and avoid taking the unnecessary stress.
  • Attend prenatal classes to get answers to common questions on childbirth and normal delivery pain


Tips for Normal Delivery in 9th Month: What Not to Eat

You should avoid following food items during your pregnancy if you plan for normal baby delivery.

  • Sea Food – Excess intake of seafood can impact fetal’s nervous system
  • Avoid intake of Alcohol, drugs, and coffee.
  • Stop intake of fast food and canned food items
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Pregnancy is a 9 month long process and each day is very important so unless you give birth to the baby, take good care of yourself.

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