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How to Deal With Aggressive Toddler Hitting

The age from 16 months to 3 years is an exciting time frame for toddlers. It is at this age that they explore the world and develop all different emotions like – likes, dislikes, aggression, love thus, it is normal for toddlers to show mix emotions like toddler hitting and biting. Having said this as normal, I would not recommend parents to ignore such kids behavior, on the contrary parents should learn how to deal with aggressive toddler hitting and biting.


How to Get Your Toddler to Stop Hitting

How to discipline a toddler who hits is surely challenging for parents but once you adapt following child discipline techniques, things would get easy.

Tips on  Toddler Hitting and Biting

Here are few child discipline techniques for toddler hitting others for no reason:

  • Reward – Parents should reward their child for their good behavior rather than just paying attention to them only when they misbehave. Parents should pay attention to their positive behavior which will gradually cut their time for negative behavior.
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  • Patience – Parents should keep their temper and not shout or hit their children when they misbehave. Most parents ask me, ‘can parents hit their child?’. Guys, this is not at all required. Children get more aggressive and rebellious when they see parents losing their coolness. Seeing you control your anger and keeping patience may make them learn to control their emotions too.


  • Limits – Respond to your aggressive toddler as soon as you see him misbehaving without waiting for him/her to do it over and over again. Your kid should know the limits clearly and should know that he did something which is unacceptable. Warn him immediately if he/she misbehaves and take examples to explain him/her what should be the correct way of doing it.


Kids aggressive behaviour should not be ignored and if you adapt to the above child discipline techniques then I am sure you would be able to make your life much easier.

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