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Are Airbags For Safety? Read This Before You Answer

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Driving With Kids? Read About Airbag Precautions

Dear mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, grandmas and grandpas,

If you kid sits on the front passenger seat of the vehicle or sits with you on driver’s seat handling the steering wheel then read this…

One precisions kid lost his life in a car accident. Ashish, 5 years old was sitting in the passenger seat with his mom while his father was driving the car when a truck hit their car from the side. Both mother and father were wearing seat belts, so they got minor injuries while Ashish lost his life because of airbag deployment. He collapsed to death because of serious head and neck injuries because of airbag launch at a speed of 200 kmps.

In our country, almost 80% of children sit in the front seat of the car as we are not aware of the potential danger it may possess. This is really very dangerous and I request all parents to never follow this.

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airbag precaution

Some parents may think, most of the cars now have airbags which are an extra safety over and above seat belts but you will be surprised to know that such safety measured are for adults and not kids. On the contrary, in case of an accident, opening of an airbag can lead to suffocation or choking in children.

If you are driving safely, you cannot be sure that the other one will drive sensible too. You never know when an unexceptional danger may come, so do not take chances and never drive with kids sitting in the front seat of the car. This family learned it hard way so when I read this news, I wanted to write to make all parents aware of the serious impact of driving with kids in the front seat.

We can only pray for the family but the lost life cannot be brought back but learn to make sure similar incident never happens with anyone in our family and friends. Hence, Like Share this post and make everyone aware of this incident.

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Precautions While Driving With Kids

  • Never allow your kid to sit on the front seat
  • If possible, use a car seat for kids
  • Do not travel with alot of kids
  • Always make sure to put seatbelt on for child safety


Please inform your family and share this post to save kids lives.

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