Be Careful Moms – Applying this to Your Baby Can Lead to Death

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Recently a mom applied Vick VapoRub to the newborn baby suffering from minor cold and shortly after he died. Shocked? Yes, it is true. I know it’s hard to believe that how can an ointment used for fever and nasal congestion lead to death.

Here is what exactly happened as described by that mother which should help others so as to avoid what she has gone through:

“I came back from work and noticed that my baby had mild cold. I thought since the weather changed this week, she might have common cold thus I started looking for home remedy to help her. I got hold of Vick VapoRub and started rubbing it on her back, chest and under her nose. I was tired so as soon as I laid on the bed, next to her, I felt asleep. Hours later when I woke up I noticed that my baby wasn’t breathing.”

“I got panicked and rushed straight to the hospital however, sadly, my baby had died hours ago. My entire world was shaken. The medical report stated the reason for death as choking. When I applied Vick, the mucus in the nose was increased by 60% which got accumulated on the trachea causing choking and ultimately death.”

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She went on to say that this ointment could be good for adults but should not be used for babies under age group of 2. They had a warning on the label but sadly the mother didn’t notice it and it lead to taking away the love of her life.

So all young parents, please keep a check on this and seek medical advice to treat any illness in babies.


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