Baby is always on Left Side

My Baby is always on Left Side – What Does It Predict about Baby Gender?


Baby Predictions: Baby is always on Left Side of Abdomen

There is no second thought that there is always a factor of excitement to know the baby gender. My daughter was always on right side of my abdominal, so it confirms the theory that if a baby is always on left side, then you can expect it to be a boy. However, there is no written scientific reason behind it other Symptoms to watch that help to predict if the baby is a boy are: –

  • No breast tenderness
  • Little morning sickness
  • Pimples on body during pregnancy
  • First Urine of morning is of Orange & Yellow in color
  • Feet always remain cold during pregnancy
  • Dry skin with no body swelling

Baby is on Left Side Theory

Apart from baby is always on left side theory, there are many gender prediction calculators also that are available online which help you to predict baby gender. Try them out.

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