Baby Development Chart

Baby Development Chart: Infant Growth Chart with Milestones

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What is a Baby Development Chart?

Worried about your baby’s development, use baby development chart to keep track of infant growth.

What are Various Milestones in Baby Development? Infant Growth Chart

Baby development is divided into the various milestones. Each milestone has its own characteristics which are briefly listed below.

Note:- Therese are generic baby development milestone and infant growth can vary depending on various factors.


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 0 to 2 months

Babies at this age:

  • Respond to sound
  • Smile at faces
  • Move head to see moving objects
  • Begin to cry or get fussy if positioned at one place
  • Able to move arms and legs smoothly
  • Make babbling sounds


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 2 to 4 months

Babies at this age:

  • Smile at faces
  • Cry in various ways to show hunger, pain or boredom
  • Respond to affection
  • Try to copy facial expressions like smile, anger etc
  • Try to grab objects
  • Can Support Head
  • Can roll over tummy to back
  • Bring hand to mouth
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Baby Development Chart: Milestone 4 to 6 months

Babies at this age:

  • Enjoy looking in mirror
  • Like to babble
  • Look around at things
  • Respond to sounds
  • Start to crawl
  • Can roll in both directions
  • Try to reach for objects


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 6 to 9 months

Babies at this age:

  • Understand the meaning of word Yes or No
  • Can make sounds like mamma and pappaa
  • Point at things they want
  • Know their toys
  • Do not go to strangers
  • Dependent on familiar adults for their needs
  • Respond to their name


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 9 to 1 year

Babies at this age:

  • Cry when mom or dad leaves home
  • Are possessive about their things and toys
  • Shy with strangers
  • Respond to words
  • Comfortable doing certain gestures like shaking hands, waving bye
  • Try to utter words
  • Hide things like keys, pen or pencil
  • Search for things you hide from them
  • Copy gestures which they see around
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