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Baby Development Chart: Infant growth chart

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What is a Baby Development Chart? Baby Weight Chart by Month

Worried about your baby’s development, use baby development chart to keep track your baby’s overall development. Baby development chart lists normal milestones that babies of 0 to 1 year of age achieve in terms of development. It is also referred as infant growth chart, at some places.


What are Various Milestones in Baby Development? Infant Growth Chart

Baby development is divided into various milestone. Each milestone has its own characteristics which are briefly listed below.

Note:- Therese are generic baby development milestones and your baby’s growth can vary depending upon a lot of factors.


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 0 to 2 months

  • Responds to sound
  • Smiles at faces
  • Moves head to see moving objects
  • Begins to cry or get fussy if positioned at one place
  • Able to move arms and legs smoothly
  • Makes babbling sounds


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 2 to 4 months

  • Smiles at faces
  • Cries in various ways to show hunger, pain or boredom
  • Responds to affection
  • Tries to copy facial expressions like smile, anger etc
  • Tries to grab objects
  • Able to Support Head
  • Can roll over tummy to back
  • Bring hand to mouth
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Baby Development Chart: Milestone 4 to 6 months

  • Enjoys looking in mirror
  • Likes to babble
  • Looks around to notice things
  • Respond to sounds
  • Starts to crawl
  • Can roll in both directions
  • Tries to reach for objects


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 6 to 9 months

  • Makes noises
  • Uses finger to point
  • Put things in mouth
  • Sit without support
  • Crawl comfortably
  • Instantly look where you point
  • Responds to own name


Baby Development Chart: Milestone 9 to 12 months (1 year)

  • Recognizes parents
  • Does not go to strangers
  • Responds to first words like No, Yes, Mama
  • Can do gestures like Hi, Bye, No
  • Tries to speak words
  • Point at things


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