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Baby Latching: How to Latch Your Baby Wider


Few Tip to Achieve Deeper Baby Latching

Baby Latching is referred to as the process where the baby opens the mouth and takes a nipple into it and begins to suck thus drawing breastmilk. Achieving a good baby latching is difficult and it comes with a lot of practice. When you do breastfeeding day in and out, then your baby is bound to gradually improve on this art of latching. You would know if your baby is latched wider or not when he/she can take the entire breast and suck milk properly from it.

From various breastfeeding positions, you can easily pick one of the best breastfeeding positions for you and your baby. Once you have found out your best breastfeeding position, it’s the time to understand how to effective work on making your baby latching.

Few Tips on Baby Latching

There are few tips that you should keep in mind so that your baby can latch properly

  • Start breastfeeding baby as soon as the baby is born
  • Make sure that your baby’s mouth is wide open before you start to breastfeed
  • Place your baby in a comfortable position making sure that baby’s tongue and bottom chin touches your breast first
  • Make sure that baby’s nose is free for breathing and is not blocked by your breast or areola
  • Baby’s chin should be touching the bottom of your breast
  • Watch for any signs of trouble in baby
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Baby Latching Explained Through Pictures

  • Place baby in such a way that baby’s mouth touches end of nipple

baby latching





  • Bring baby closer to your aerola

baby latching





  • Make sure entire aerola is within baby mouth

baby latching






Human infants have an instinct to crawl and reach to mamma’s breast to start sucking and your baby is no different. If in the first attempt, baby latching is difficult, but when done daily, your baby will gradually start to latch properly.

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