Baby not Sleeping at Night? Find Out How to Get Baby to Sleep Faster

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Baby Not Sleeping at Night: How to Put a Newborn to Sleep Faster

If you are a new mom or a new dad then I am sure you would be experiencing sleepless night because of the baby not sleeping at night. It is very important to keep a watch on newborn baby sleeping time and not allow infant sleep during the day so that your newborn sleep faster at night.

Getting baby to sleep through the night is a dream for every parent. Baby wakes up relaxed, happy and stays calm all throughout the day when the infant sleeps throughout the night. Here are some quick tips on how to get baby to sleep faster.


Quick Tips to Getting Newborn to Sleep Faster

  1. Make your newborn sleep schedule. It is important to make your baby understand that when is the time to sleep and wake up. Initially, you will have to put in some efforts into it but once you set baby sleep schedule you will notice that your baby sleep at night.
  2. Getting baby to sleep in crib is recommended if you can. Change the bed sheet and make it comfortable and neat.
  3. Playing soft baby sleep sounds or music is another way to make baby sleep faster. Music helps infant to calm and once relaxed, they fall asleep faster.
  4. Make sure that there is no direct sunlight entering the room when you try to make baby sleep.
  5. Washing baby feet with water or just before sleeping helps baby sleep faster.
  6. Feed the baby before going to sleep so that he/she can sleep easily with fewer efforts.
  7. Make a bedtime routine and follow it daily. This way baby will understand that it’s now the time to sleep. Babies easily get habituate of the routine.
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Baby Not Sleeping at Night

Newborn baby sleep patterns change as they grow. At first, you would notice that infant sleep mostly in daytime for around 18 to 20 hours and wakes up only for feed, however, it changes as they grow old. Above are quick 7 tips to make infant sleep faster, however, each baby is different hence if you experience any sort of baby restlessness and baby not sleeping at night then it could be because of one or the other health issues.

Infants are mostly on breastfeed hence commonly they experience gastro issues. It is advised to consult your pediatric and get that diagnosed.

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