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Know all About Baby Teething and Baby Teething Toys

Today’s article is about baby teething toys. In this article, I will tell you about baby teething rings, teething necklace, natural teether and baby teething remedies. Before that do you know when do babies start teething? Let’s find it out.

When do Babies Start Teething?

For some babies, the first tooth can be spotted as early as 3 months while for some it could be as late as a year, however generally babies start teething anywhere from 4 to 7 months.

Baby Teething Symptoms

How would you know that your baby is teething? Well, following are few baby teething symptoms and signs that will tell you if the baby is teething or not.

  • You notice your baby has trouble in sleeping
  • Baby has developed chewing behavior

Baby has swollen gums

  • You notice sudden onset of fever or diarrhea in baby
  • Baby looks irritated most of the time
  • He/She pulls hair and ears
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Once you notice baby teething symptoms, is there anything that you can do about it? Of course yes,  baby teething remedies is our next section.

Baby Teething Remedies – How can you Help Your Baby

When you know, your baby is teething, you should offer help to them. Following are some baby teething remedies that you can use to suppress the sore gums.

  • To suppress the chewing sensation, give your baby something cold to chew.
  • If your baby eats solid food, give them finger food to get relieved
  • Rub clean finger gently over your baby’s gums to ease the pain

In addition to above baby teething remedies, using of non-toxic teething toys like a teething necklace, teething ring, Sophoe giraffe teething toy etc. can also be done. Some parents are worried about how safe are non-toxic teething toys. However, it’s an individual choice, whether they want to use such non-toxic teething toys or not but below section lists, if doctors recommend such non-toxic toys for babies or not.

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Do Doctors Recommend Non Toxic Teething Toys like Teething Necklace, Rings?

Using non-toxic teething toys like a teething necklace, rings, Sophoe giraffe teething toy etc is perfectly normal and can be given to babies to relieve them from sore gums. The teething process carries out until the baby turns 2 however after first few pearls are out; the teething process becomes less painful.



Using of medicines to curb the pain while the baby is teething is not recommended and should be avoided. You can use non-toxic teething toys like a teething necklace or teething ring freezer in addition to above baby teething remedies to relieve the pain yet if nothing seems to work, contact your pediatrician before using any medication.


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