Baby Teeth Care: Brushing Baby Teeth

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Know Everything About Brushing Baby Teeth

You should start brushing baby teeth as soon as the first set emerges. Many parents counter baby teeth care by saying that these milk teeth are there for a short time then why bother so much. It is important to take good care of these teeth as it forms the basis for future permanent teeth and healthy gums.


Brushing Baby Teeth for Infant (under 6 months of age)

No matter what the age of the baby is, as soon as your baby gets first set of pearl teeth, you should start baby teeth care. For infants, best is to use a soft cotton napkin to clean teeth.

Procedure for Baby Teeth Care for Infant

  1. Make your baby sit on your laps
  2. Wrap cotton napkin around your finger and dip it in clean water
  3. Gently rub the gums and teeth

It is recommended to do this procedure every time you feed milk to the infant. If this sounds too much then at least try doing it twice a day.

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Brushing Baby Teeth for Children (above 6 months of age)

You should start using a baby brush as soon as you start feeding semi-solid food to the baby. Most of the baby food just gets washed off from the mouth with water after meal however it is a good idea to introduce toothbrush as soon as possible. To clean teeth for children above 6 months of age, use a finger toothbrush.

Procedure for Baby Teeth Care for Infant

  1. Make your baby sit on your laps
  2. Put finger brush in your index finger and place a little bit of fluoride toothpaste on it
  3. Gently brush the gums and teeth, twice a day

If you take good baby teeth care and develop this habit in your kids at a younger age, then you would notice that your kid starts to enjoy brushing teeth when he/she grows up.

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