How to Breastfeed a Newborn 5

New Moms : Guide on How to Breastfeed a Newborn

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Breastfeed a Newborn

Breastfeed a newborn is one of the most natural and beautiful feeling experienced by every mom. It is indeed so simple and we humans have been doing it for years, so all you new moms, do not take extra stress about it.

Understanding how to Breastfeed a Newborn

As the old saying is, a picture is worth thousand words, simply follow the step by step images to understand how to breastfeed a newborn correctly.

  • Step 1: Position the baby on one side of your boob. Place the baby on a pillow, if needed, to get the required elevation.

  • Step 2: Hold your boob with thumb and fingers.

  • Step 3: Tickle the baby with nipple until he/she opens up the mouth

  • Step 4: Place the entire nipple in the mouth

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