Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy

Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy: Something That’s not Talked About

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Did you Try Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy?

There are a lot of women that search over the internet on Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy, mostly because this is one topic they cannot speak about in public but surely want to try.

Male breastfeeding is some kind fetish and is getting so popular across the globe that in Japan, there is a dedicated bar that offers milk shots or can suck breast milk directly from the nipple. Read on to know more about breastfeeding husband or adult breastfeeding in this article.


Is Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy Safe

Doctors suggest that Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy is completely normal and brings along no complications in the pregnancy. On the other side, adult breastfeeding is useful for the new moms because until the baby is born, breast milk will anyway be of no use hence Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy will help in getting rid of excessive pressure in breasts because of breast milk.

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Husband breastfeeding is said to be helpful for the newborn as it removes any blockage in nipples, so the newborn will not be required to suck hard to start getting the milk from breasts.

Confession of Woman on Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy

Below is one confession I received on husband breastfeeding from one of my regular blog visitors. Read it.

My husband loves to suck my breasts during sex but when I became pregnant, I was not sure will I be able to continue with this act or will my husband now not like to suck my breasts because of the milk flow or should breastfeeding husband and baby normal? I was too confused.

I love breastfeeding my husband every night and did not want him to stop doing it as this further intensifies our bond. I assumed that now my breasts should only be for my baby and I should avoid breastfeeding husband. But I went into a surprise state when my husband approached me one night and asked me that he is curious to taste breast milk. At first, I thought I married a wrong man as I was nervous about the body fluid but my husband took me into confidence and started to suck nipples softly. I soon realized it wasn’t bad and now I love breastfeeding my husband every night.

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We even discussed husband breastfeeding during pregnancy with our doctor which confirmed it to be perfectly normal. Breastfeeding husband has increased our love and definitely brought us steps closer. I now plan to continue breastfeeding husband and baby once he/she is into this world.


My recommendations to all curious moms and dads, stop looking for breastfeeding husband pictures over the internet and simply try it. I love breastfeeding my husband every night and I am sure once you start male breastfeeding you would love to do it too.

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