Breastfeeding Husband Every Night

Does Breastfeeding Husband Every Night Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer? Myth or Truth, Find Out Here


Breastfeeding Husband Every Night Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer – Myth or Truth

Is there a link between breastfeeding and breast cancer? Is it true that women breastfeeding husband every night have fewer chances of having breast cancer? Let’s find out the truth behind this right here, in the article.

Breastfeeding Husband Every Night Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer

We need to understand how is breastfeeding related to breast cancer and how can breastfeeding husband every night help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding helps flow breast milk out of the body and when breastfeeding is stopped, the breast milk starts to accumulate inside the breasts forming lumps which in turn causes breast cancer.

According to a study conducted by researches in United States, women that breastfeed up to 3 years, after the baby is born, have fewer chances of developing breast cancer as compared to women that only breastfeed their baby for 12 months or less.

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However, in modern lifestyle, prolong breastfeeding newborn isn’t possible. Working moms put babies on formula milk as early as 8 months so that they can go work without worrying about feeding the baby. Moreover, some women are conscious about their breast shape and think that breastfeeding newborn for long will de-shape their breasts. All these reasons contribute to increasing the risk of breast cancer. If you are one of these women that cannot breastfeed newborn every day due to your work style, then start breastfeeding husband every night. This will ensure that the breast milk is not accumulated inside the breast.

To some breastfeeding husband every night may sound weird hence it is best to talk to your partner about this. Explain him your concerns and start breastfeeding husband every night to lower your chance of breast cancer. If your husband does not like the breastfeeding experience, don’t worry. I will suggest you an alternative for it – Try using a breast pump. There are many companies that provide breast pumps of different shape and style like automatic breast pump, manual breast pump, medela double electric breast pump etc. You can use the best breast pump based on your liking and start pumping excess breast milk at the end of each day until you stop producing milk.

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When is it Safe to Stop Breastfeeding?

Although there is no conclusive answer to this question. Doctors say the more you can breastfeed the better it is. You should breastfeed until your baby is of 3 years is what is recommended by most of the doctors. Women that have cases of breast cancer in family like sister or mom should take extra care of themselves along with breastfeeding. They should exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle to lower chances of breast cancer.

There is now enough evidence available that shows breastfeeding lowers risk of breast cancer. If your baby does not breastfeed, don’t be stressed. Love breastfeeding husband every night and can do it, go ahead and do it. Ultimately what matter is flowing out the breast milk.

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