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Explaining Breastfeeding Positions Through Images


Various Breastfeeding Positions Explained through Images

Firstly, let me tell you there are no right or wrong breastfeeding positions. You can try the following breastfeeding postures explained through breastfeeding images and see which one works best for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding is not just necessary for feeding the baby but it helps build a bond between mom and baby hence it is very important to know the right position through which you can deliver the best to your baby.

Following are some of the best breastfeeding positions. You can pick any of the followings that suit you and you baby.

Breastfeeding Positions Along with Images

  • Cradle Position: In this position, hold your baby in such a way that same arm as your breast supports the baby’s head and rest of the body. Make sure that nipple points slightly towards the baby’s nose. See below breastfeeding image:

  • Crossover Hold: In this breastfeeding posture, you need to hold your baby across your lap. You would use an opposite arm to support the head and body as against the breast you are feeding. See below breastfeeding image:
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  • Football Positon: This breastfeeding position is best for moms that have C-section. In this, you need to place your baby on that side through which you want to breastfeed. Support babies head through the same arm as your breast. See below breastfeeding image:


  • Side Lying Position: This is a good breastfeeding position in the middle of the night. In this, simply lie your body in parallel to the baby, tummy to tummy, giving him/her easy access to the nipple. Gently press your breasts making sure the breast milk flows with pressure to the baby or place a pillow to support baby’s back and hold him closer to your body. See below breastfeeding image:


  • Twin Hold Position: This is the best posture for breastfeeding twins. For breastfeeding twins, you need to use a pillow and place both babies gently on them in such a way that the head rests on the pillow and rest of the body is supported by both your arms. See below breastfeeding image:
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