Breastfeeding Twins Positions

Breastfeeding Twins Positions: Find out Best Breastfeeding Twins Position


About Breastfeeding Twins Positions

If you are reading about breastfeeding twins positions, then probably you are expecting twins from your pregnancy. Congratulations! There are mixed feelings that moms go through when they know they are expecting twins.

With pregnancy comes a lot of question. Moms worry about how their pregnancy will go, what they need to do to have a good pregnancy, will baby fit in properly and on top of all these anxiety, if you know you’re expecting two babies, then as a would-be mother, you are bound to be extra cautious.

Breastfeeding twins requires more work and dedication than breastfeeding a single baby. You need to have proper breastfeeding twins schedule so that each baby gets enough of you time and milk (newborns get hungry each half an hour). You may start to feel after a while that the only thing left in your life is feeding and feeding and feeding. Breastfeeding twins after c section are even more difficult and depressing. Things can get a little better if you get proper support from your spouse and other family members. You can get some time off from your breastfeeding twins schedule after the baby birth when there are people around in home that can look after the babies.

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Common Problems Associated with Breastfeeding Twins

Following are some of the common problems that you will have as you are breastfeeding twins

  • Cracked or Sore nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Low milk supply
  • Exhaustion

In addition to these, a lot of mom undergo a common concern when they have twins which is, am I producing enough milk for both? It is advised that you get support from your pediatrician and lactation expert to help you guide on how to feed two hungry mouths.


Breastfeeding Twins Positions

Breastfeeding is very important and there are a lot of good reasons why you should breastfeed. Holding twins to nurse at the same time is the best way to breastfeeding twins as you end up saving a lot of your time.

With the help of breastfeeding twins pillow or rolled up towel, you can support both the babies. Breastfeeding twins pillow or a nursing pillow is designed in such a way that it has a firm, broad surfaces onto which both babies, at once, can easily latch onto you. The top two recommended breastfeeding twins positions with pictures are listed below:

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  • Breastfeeding Twins PositionCradle Hold Breastfeeding Twins Position
    Breastfeeding Twins PositionFootball Breastfeeding Twins Position

Other breastfeeding twins positions are:-

  • Upright Latch

Breastfeeding Twins Position

  • Front Cross Latch

Breastfeeding Twins Position

These were the few breastfeeding twins positions pictures that you can try. Based on whichever breastfeeding position suits you and babies the best, you can pick one.

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