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Breastfeeding Twins in Public: What Should You Know


Complete Guide to Breastfeeding Twins in Public

Ask anyone who has done it before or for even the lactation consultant, breastfeeding twins in public is not an easy task. Taking advice and help from moms that have done it before can help you a little but what matters at the end is your confidence and what do you as a mother think of this overall thing.

Breastfeeding is and always has been considered the most preferred way of feeding human infants. Breastfeeding twins in public is not a taboo and there is nothing inappropriate that you do when you breastfeed in public. Our modern society can digest showing almost naked teens in advertisements, or film actresses showing their breasts popping out of swimsuits but cannot bear the sight of a mama feeding her new baby in a park or at any other public place. Really!! How gross is this?

The other day I saw a woman breastfeeding twins in public and a teen gang passed making fun of her and trying to peep to see the woman’s open breasts. Come on be a man. I seriously doubt, where are we heading to. This type of looking down on breastfeeding in public is not just a story of some country or a place, this is worldwide. Breastfeeding in public has been always looked down by men and women. I suggest before we change how world looking at breastfeeding, let’s change our attitude towards it. We should be confident as mothers and should have right kind of attitude towards breastfeeding in public.

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Items You Need for Breastfeeding Twins in Public

For breastfeeding twins, the feeding session would be often so, there are few items that you should consider keeping in your bag when you are out in public with your newborn twins:

  • A cover-up or large scarf
  • Breast pump (to be used in emergency situations)
  • Breastfeeding twins pillow
  • Hand sanitizer

The only things you should keep in mind when you plan breastfeeding twins in public is to dress appropriately.  You should avoid wearing one piece dresses as they become difficult to unbutton. Wear long shirts that you can unbutton quickly and expose only the area you need for feeding for twins. A lot of companies have come up with breastfeeding tops and bras that can further ease breastfeeding twins in public.

I sincerely look forward to you to use these tips and make your experience of breastfeeding in public comfortable. For more tips, consider reading How to be Comfortable Breastfeeding in Public.

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