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Babies and Pets in One Room, A Big No No. Why ? Read This

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Keep These Things in Mind When You Have Babies And Pets

As parents, you got to be very careful when you have babies and pets at home. Why? Read what happened when the mom of 2 was out to supermarket leaving babies and pets behind.

“It was Sunday afternoon, I and my husband were rearranging things at home so that we could make space to keep prams for our twins who were in the hospital. Our kids were to get discharged from the hospital a day later hence we were so busy with our welcome party preparations that little did we realized that our pets were reacting differently to changes around them.”

“We brought our twins home and the party started. We had invited all our close friends and relatives. Everyone was singing, dancing, eating and having fun. When the party got over and everyone left, I rushed to the supermarket to get a pack of diapers for my kids. Babies had slept by then hence I locked the main door from outside. On my return, I got the biggest shock of my life. I saw one of our pet dog lying over my son in his cot. I immediately took him to the hospital and with proper medication, he recovered the damage.”

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“For a second, I almost lost a breath” said the lady.

Shocking, Isn’t it. The pets which we think are our best pals can sometimes give us the shock of our life.  The intent of sharing this story with you is to warn all parents that have kids and pets at home to be cautious so that no one has to go through what this mom had to.


Why Kids and Pets Don’t Go Along Well

Although most of the pets are tolerant to kids, it is important to understand the potential risk of exposing babies to pets at an early stage. Babies and pets do not go along well because once you bring babies home, you tend to spend a lot of time with them and respectively lesser time with your pets, thus your pets start to feel jealous of the new entry in your life.

Hence, it is important to take few precautions to keep your baby safe from pets.

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  • Give extra care to your pets so that they do not feel neglected
  • Offer special help if you notice your pets reacting differently to things
  • Cats are attracted by the warmth of the baby so make sure to have cat net on the pram and other belongings that your baby uses
  • If you have a garden, make sure you have separate play area for kids and pets
  • Always keep the room close when your toddler is sleeping
  • Visit your vet and consult on giving worming tablets


Reports of pet attacks are on an all-time high. It may look cute to see a baby playing with dog but no matter how trustworthy the pet is, if your kid pulls its tail, pokes in its eyes, it may lose its patience and harm the toddler.

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