Chicco 6m+ apple & banana toothpaste

Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste Review

Product Review

All About Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste

We all know oral care is very important especially for infants. I introduced Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana toothpaste to my daughter when she turned a year old. This was her first dental care toothpaste and how her reaction to it was amazing.

Read through the article to get the detailed Chicco Apple & Banana toothpaste review.


Detailed Review of Chicco Apple & Banana Oral Care for 6m+

Chicco 6m+ apple & banana toothpaste is made with a fluoride-free formula which is ideal for children below 3 years of age. Also, this toothpaste has a nice fruity taste – mix of apple and banana with Xylitol which makes it taste better than the normal toothpaste available in the market and helps in infant care by preventing cavities.

Product Specifications

Brand Chicco
Recommended Age to Use 6 Months+
Price INR 279
Contains Xylitol and Bioavailable Calcium
Item Weight 50 ml
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Pros of Chicco Apple & Banana Toothpaste

  • Fruity Flavor that kids love
  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Fluoride-free
  • Low abrasion formula to prevent damage to milk teeth
  • No Preservative used


Cons of Chicco Apple & Banana Toothpaste

  • Packaging should be improved
  • Expensive than normal toothpaste


Do I Recommend Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste for Kids?

This toothpaste from Chicco has turned oral care routine pleasant for my kid. She simply loves to brush her teeth using this Chicco Apple & Banana toothpaste and I do not have to worry about her swallowing the toothpaste as it is fluoride free with no preservatives.

The only disadvantage is that it is premium priced and also due to its packaging, around 20% of the toothpaste goes waste as no matter how much you squeeze it does not come out.

Cut down on your baby dentist visits by taking care of baby teeth with this toothpaste. I would recommend using Chicco apple & banana dental care toothpaste to all moms and dads.

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How much do I Rate Chicco Apple & Banana Toothpaste?

 Overall Rating: 4.5/5.0


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