Busting Common Myths About Bullying


Bullying has Serious Concerns

Bullying is extremely painful and humiliating act done to let down the other. What is surprising here is that one in every ten school goer (between grade 4 to grade 8) is being bullied and the number is increasing each year.

Consequences of Bullying

There are a lot of signs that can determine if your kid is being bullied at school or not. Some of these are:-

  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Oversleeping
  • Panic attacks
  • Nightmare
  • Loss of interest
  • Under sleep

Classification of Bullying

Bullying can be of classified into 4 types namely,

  • Verbal – Any damage done to other verbally like spreading rumors, threatening, sarcasm etc is referred to as Verbal Bullying.
  • Physical – Hurting someone physically or unwanted gestures are referred to as Physical Bullying.
  • Cyber – Make use of internet and defaming or making fun of someone is referred to as Cyber Bullying.  Know more about it here.
  • Social – Damaging the social image of a person by mobbing, humiliating in public etc is referred to as Social Bullying.
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What are the Various Myths Associated with Bullying?

Myth #1 – “Let Children hit back harder at the bully”

Many parents think to teach their kids to hit back at the kid that is trying to bully them will help deal with bully however, the reality is that the kids who bully are usually more physically powerful hence involving in any fight can serious harm your kid.

Myth #2 – “My kid needs to learn to take a stand”

Letting your kid deal with bully themselves is not right. It is your duty as parents to offer your kid help, guidance, and counseling and then let them handle the situation on their own. Make sure to tell your kid that you are there for him/her, so if needed they can consult them in problem-solving.

Myth #3 – “It has always been there”

We should be working on getting this changed and not let our kids grow with it. With help from teachers, we can change the society and thus the mindset of kids that bully others at school.

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Myth #4 – “Kids will be kids”

A lot of parents try to cover up the act of being bullied by referring to this phrase but it is not right. It is an aggressive behavior and kid’s entire life is affected largely by this. Researchers have proved that kids learn this aggressive behavior through video games and movies hence it is important to keep a watch on what your kids see.



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