Common Speech Problems in Children: What Should you Know

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Speech Problems in Children

Did you just figure out that your child has a speech delay? What next? Trying to get more information on common speech problems in children? Below are listed few common speech problems in children. Do take help from pediatrician to take necessary steps to get the correct treatment.

Common Speech Problems in Children

  • Lisping or Articulation Disorder: This is a kind of disorder where a child has difficulty in making certain sounds appropriately. Certain sounds are inappropriately lost or modified during the course of speech in articulation disorder like ‘bird is spoken as ‘buhd’.
  • Apraxia of Speech: This is a kind of communication disorder wherein a child wants to speak it correctly but due to interruption in some part of the brain, wrong signals are sent to the muscle for the movement hence the wrong sound is produced. This leads to rhythm errors and speaking stress.
  • Fragile X Syndrome (FXS): This speech problem is a genetic disorder and the most common cause for it is autism. It causes speech, intellectual and language impairment in children. Some symptoms of it are cluttered speech, repetition of words along with speech difficulty.
  • Lengthy Pauses or Stuttering: In this type of disability, children start to repeat words, make long sounds, pausing or hesitation while speaking. Children having people around that shutter are twice likely to develop this speech disorder.
  • Language Disorders: There are 3 types of language disorder such as Expressive Language Disorder (ELD), Receptive Language Disorder (RLD) and Expressive-Receptive Language Disorder (ERLD). In ELD, children are good in making sounds but fail to make sentences whereas children with RLD have problems understanding writing language and children suffering from ERLD shows mixed symptoms of ELD and RLD.
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Every child is different and parents know their children the best. If you see any of the above mentioned common speech problems in children then consult your pediatrician to discuss the treatment plan.

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