Things to Consider While Breastfeeding Husband

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Is Breastfeeding Husband Safe or Not

Is breastfeeding husband unnatural? Is it safe or is it sick? Will my baby get enough milk, If I breastfeed my husband? These were some of the questions I had in mind after baby birth. I could find no one, neither in office nor at home to discuss and talk about this but I was concerned so I thought of going to interest in search of answers.

It started when I first breastfeed my baby. At that time, I had discomfort while breastfeeding and despite pressing my breasts hard, the milk simply did not flow with ease. We did not have a breast pump at that time so my husband requested me to let him suck my breasts so that milk flow could start. As he did, it felt amazing to me and soon after milk started to flow. I placed my baby immediately to my breasts to feed him. This became every night story after that, I use to first breastfeed my husband and later did the same to my baby. But now, I am feeling guilty as I think my baby does not get enough milk because of this.

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To overcome this guilt, I researched and found this information over the internet and thought to share to help others with the same feeling. As per research, almost all breastfeeding moms have been asked by their partner of having them taste breastmilk. “Breastfeeding husband is completely natural and there is no harm caused because of it either to husband or mother” said the senior doctor at Medical Center.

Few Tips when Breastfeeding Husband

Although doctors say there is no harm in breastfeeding husband, you must make sure to follow the below tips when you do it:

  • Follow a balanced diet when you breastfeed husband. Large intake of fluid and eating healthy food is required so that body produces enough milk for both you and your baby
  • Breastfeeding husband helps to relieve discomfort caused to your breasts
  • Make sure to clean your breast and nipple after breastfeeding husband and before breastfeeding your baby
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Breastfeeding husband is completely safe to try. The only precaution that needs to be taken is that your husband should not have any kind of infection that could be passed on the baby. Doctors suggest mom should first feed their baby and then the remaining milk should be given to the husband.


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