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Consequences of Wrong Baby Sleeping Positions? Check if your Infant Sleep Posture is Correct or Not

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Find out Correct Baby Sleeping Positions

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is caused by wrong baby sleeping positions. Want to know more about SIDS and the best baby sleeping positions? Read on.

Healthy Baby Sleeping Positions

It is important that your baby sleeps in different positions else it may lead to a condition called the Flat Head. Babies are born with a soft skull that gets flattened if they continue to sleep in a single position for long hence trying different baby sleep postures is important.

What are the different baby sleeping positions? You can make your baby sleep on their back or sideways. These 2 sleeping positions that are considered as the best infant sleeping positions.

Doctors have recently discouraged making baby sleep on their tummies as it causes risk of sudden death due to suffocation. This is called SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS in Infants

Following are some of the ways to prevent sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS in infants.

  • Avoid making infant sleep on their tummy
  • Avoid making infant sleep on soft surfaces like wool, soft toys, pillow etc as it can lead to choking in infant
  • You should always supervise the infant while sleeping as any loose piece of cloth like pillow cover, bed sheet etc can cover the infant’s face and lead to accidental choking
  • Never smoke when an infant is around as passive smoking is considered as one of the major reasons for infant choking
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Baby Sleeping Positions: Best Practices

  • Always make the baby sleep on their back. Infants tend to roll while sleeping if they do, put them back to sleep on their back. This reduces chances of infant vomiting and choking
  • Make sure there are no pillows or soft toys around the baby while he/she is asleep. These items increase chances of suffocation
  • Sleeping with baby until he/she turns 1 year old can help in preventing SIDS
  • Never cover infant face with a cloth while sleeping
  • Do not cover your baby with too much of clothes. It may cause overheating and increase risk of choking


Keeping in mind these baby sleeping positions tips will help getting baby to sleep through the night. If still you face issues with baby sleep cycles, consult your doctor and with the mutual discussion, you will be able to get help with baby sleep patterns.


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