Crafting Stick Bunny: A Fun Easy Craft Idea for Kids

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Kids Crafts Idea: Crafting Stick Bunny

Crafting stick bunny surely keeps my daughter busy during her weekends. We both work together on this kids craft as she simply loves crafting differently styled stick bunny.

Fun Easy Projects for Kids: Crafting Stick Bunny

This craft is a fun easy project for kids and to craft stick bunny; follow this article to the end.


You would need following things to make craft stick bunny



  • Ice cream sticks
  • Sketch Pen
  • Adhesive or Glue
  • White Paper
  • Scissors




Follow the below step to make Ice Cream Stick Bunny

  • Take Ice cream sticks and color almost 2/3 of it.









  • Now on the remaining ice cream stick (white portion), draw the bunny face with a sketch pen. You can be as much creative with designing the face like, on one stick you make the bunny mouth open with teeth out and in another stick, you can make the bunny smile.
  • For making bunny’s ears, use a plain white sheet.
  • Cut and paint ears as shown in the image below.
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  • Paste it on the stick using an adhesive or glue
  • For the body, draw a suit or a t-shirt design as shown below







Crafting stick bunny is one of the fun easy child craft ideas. Try this child craft and bring in the creativity in them. You can use this bunny sticks to decorate your walls or could use them as bookmarks.

Did you try crafting stick bunny with your kid? Not yet, do it and I am sure you and your kid will love this simple craft idea. If you have images to share with others on how your kid made his /her stick bunny, comment below.

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