Dealing with Difficult Parents in Law: Strategies to Deal with Difficult inlaw

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Dealing with Difficult Parents in Law: Strategies to Deal with Difficult inlaw

Are you one of those that are dealing with difficult parents in law? Or is it only your mother in law causing problem within you happy married life? Here are some of the strategies to deal with difficult inlaw.

Dealing with Difficult Parents in Law: Strategies on Dealing with Difficult inlaw

Most of the young couples have difficulties living with inlaws. They think they have bad mother in law and their married life is ruined however if we understand the root cause of this relationship issue a lot of things can be sorted.

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Following are some of the constructive strategies for dealing with difficult parents in law:-

  • Don’t Assume Your Mother in law Hates You: A lot of women simply assume things by themselves including that mother in law hates me, I have overbearing mother in law etc however reality is completely different. If your in laws questions you frequently, it may be that they are just trying to help you without realizing that you are being annoyed by this. They may not be intentionally doing it.
  • Talk it Out: If you think you have difficult inlaw then best is to sit and talk what the issue is with them. It is not always that your parents in law hate you. Appreciate things that you like about them and ask them to stop doing things that upset you. Setting boundaries with in laws is the way out.
  • Stand Together: There are many couples that ruin their married life because they have difference in opinions on difficult parents in law. It is important to understand that you both are together and if there are any difference, then talk among yourself before talking to your in laws. If mother in law causing problem and you are not okay with it, talk to your husband and make sure he understands the problems you have. Later you both can go and talk to inlaws to figure a way out.
  • Change Yourself Before Expecting Others to Change: If you focus on changing your own behavior rather than focusing on changing your inlaws then lot of your in laws related issues can be sorted. There are small little behavioral changes that you can make within yourself and once done could change the entire dynamics between your in laws.
  • Try Spending Time with Them: The more you spend time, the better you would know the expectations they have from you and the better the relationship between both the parties will be.
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Dealing with Difficult Parents in Law

Living with in laws is different than living by yourself. Dealing with difficult parents in law can be a struggle but if you and your spouse stand your ground then things can be smooth. One important and constructive strategy on dealing with inlaw is to focus on making small small little changes in yourself instead of focusing on making extreme changes else at the end all you would end up is frustrations and discourage.

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