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When is My Due Date? Find Out How to Calculate Due Date

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Baby Due Date Calculator

When is my due date? Don’t like surprises, don’t worry, we got you covered. Use Pregnancy Due Date Calculator to find out estimated baby due date.

Delivering a baby is 9 months long process which starts with early pregnancy symptoms. It is 40 weeks cycle starting from the first day of your last menstrual period to the final delivering the baby.

Estimated Due Date

If you have a normal menstrual cycle and know the date of your last period then you can determine the estimated due date at home.

Online Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Click to calculate baby due date: Due Date Calculator


When is my Baby Due? Find Out How Baby Due Date Calculator Works?

Since you may not exactly know when you conceived, a pregnancy due date calculator only provides an estimated due date based on your last menstrual period or LMP. Most online pregnancy due date calculators uses your LMP date and 28 days menstrual cycle as the basis to generate an estimated due date.

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How to Calculate Due Date by Abdominal Examination

Your gynecologist will check your abdominal on each visit for baby size and growth to determine the estimated baby due date, however, this method is completely based on experience and your doctor may revise your due date for delivery based on the baby growth.


Baby Due Date Calculation Using an Ultrasound Scan

Ever wondered why does your gynecologist ask you to go for ultrasound scan so frequently. One reason for it is to determine an accurate pregnancy due date. This is one of the best method available till date to find estimated baby due date. In an ultrasound scan, the doctor measures the size and growth of the baby against the standard fetal development and thus calculate the due date.


There are 3 ways to calculate baby due date, first is online pregnancy due date calculators, second is using an abdominal examination and third is using an ultrasound. None of these methods can provide an accurate due date, they just present an estimated due date for your delivery.

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