First Milk Breastfeeding: Tips on Early Breastfeeding Days

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First Milk Breastfeeding: Tips on Early Breastfeeding Days

After about 250+ days of pregnancy and a painful delivery process, the baby is finally here. I am sure right from the first day of pregnancy to the final childbirth, the journey would have been amazing. Now once the baby is here, I would advise you to know about first milk breastfeeding.

Below are tips on what to expect in your early breastfeeding days.


Day 1 of your Early Breastfeeding Days

It is recommended to start breastfeeding as soon as you can usually within 30 minutes of the baby birth. Mother’s first milk is considered as perfect for the baby as it has a good quantity of proteins, antibodies and other nutrients needed by our body. First Breast milk is different than usual milk that a mother produces in later days. The first milk is yellowish in color and is called colostrum.

On the first day of first milk breastfeeding session, your baby may not consume a lot of milk nor will he nurse for a very long, so don’t panic, it is completely normal. The baby on the first day is usually tired hence does not have a lot of energy to pump breast milk hence you should have frequent breastfeeding sessions

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Day 2 of your Early Breastfeeding Days

On day 2, baby gets a bit more aware of surroundings and starts to feel hungry hence it is advised to have around 8 to 12 breastfeeding sessions a day so that the newborn has a lot of colostrum and proteins and antibodies in it. There cannot be a regular breastfeeding pattern and you may have to nurse him/her as soon as he/she cries.


Day 3 of your Early Breastfeeding Days

On day 3, frequent breastmilk pumping sessions may continue day and night. On days 3, you may see more milk flowing from your breasts. This milk is thinner and whiter in color. You may feel your breasts being tight and full of milk in the early breastfeeding days. This is a temporary phase and once your body starts to settle, it produces just enough milk as it is needed. For this temporary phase, you may drain out excess milk through nursing by pumping your breasts. You can also use a nursing bra in your initial breastfeeding days as it is soft and stretchable.

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First Milk Breastfeeding: Summary

Even though you may feel exhausted after giving birth but first milk breastfeeding within 30 minutes of the baby birth is worth it. Don’t limit your early breastfeeding sessions, limit your separation from baby.

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