First Words to Teach Baby

What are the First Words to Teach Baby: Here is the Guide

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Top First Words to Teach a Baby

First year will be a super learning year not just for you but for your baby also. It is in this year that your baby will learn to speak and develop interpersonal skills which will have an impact on his /her life throughout. Here is the list of top 5 first words to teach baby, the sooner the better.

List of First Words to Teach Baby

Babies get excited with the facial expressions including eye movements so when you speak out these words to your baby, make sure you do it with face expressions to add the fascination.

  • Dadda/Mama: Use these words in your sentences so that your baby understands to call you by either of the one.
  • Up: If your baby spreads his/her arms asking you to lift. Open a sentence – Do you want to be lifted Up.
  • Hello/Bye: Social greetings like Hello and Bye are appropriate first words to start training your kids on.
  • Book: When you read out to your baby make sure that you refer it like – Dadda reads a book
  • More: Use this words more than often in your conversation to that your baby understands what whenever he/she needs anything extra, he/she should say ‘More’ like – Do you want More?

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