Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu Ideas : What to Eat

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Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu Ideas

Did your gynecologist tell you that you have gestational diabetes and you are probably worried and searching for best food for gestational diabetes, just don’t be!! Close to 7% women develop this during pregnancy but by following gestational diabetes diet menu ideas you can get away with this and deliver healthy baby.

Gestational diabetes usually arises in the second half of pregnancy and gets treated with the baby birth, however, it is important to follow a strict menu to keep your sugar count as close to normal.

Looking for Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu Ideas

A way to keep your blood sugar normal is by following few recommendations on best food for gestational diabetes:-

  • Distribute your food in 5 meals (3 main meals and 2 snacks) per day
  • Include good amount of starch in your diet plan
  • Ensure to include one cup of milk in your diet menu
  • Avoid high portion of fruit as it consists of natural sugar which is not considered best food for gestational diabetes patient
  • Limit your desserts and sweets intake
  • Avoid added sugars
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