Cough syrup for infants under 6 months

Cough in Children: How to Give Cough Syrup to Infants Over 6 months

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How to Give Cough Syrup to Infants Over 6 Months

Cough in children is very common and as soon as there is a weather change, children start to suffer from it. Giving cough syrup to infants over 6 months is a tough task, Right, I am sure I am not alone to say this, most parents would agree to this. Infact, doctors also know the challenge in giving medicines to children from 6 to 2 years, hence my pediatrician suggested me the following cool ways to give cough syrup to children. I found my best way out the following list, you read and decide your way to get your kid take medicines.

Cough Syrup to Infant Under 6 Months

Cough syrup for infants under 6 months is a Big No! No! Infact, infants under 6 months should not be given any kind of medicine. For infants under 6 months, breastfeeding is the best medicine. For infants over 6 months read these cool ways coming up next.

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Cough in Children: Try cool Ways to Give Cough Syrup to Infant Over 6 Months

Following are some cool ways to use when you notice cough in children. These are tactics straight from doctors and real parents. I use the ‘ditch the cough syrup spoon with sugar spoon’ tactic with my 2 years old daughter, see which one works the best for you.

  • Keep the Right Attitude: Doctors suggests parents should keep the right attitude and do not panic when they notice cough in children. Kids above 3 years will question and the more frustrated you get during medication, the more they would resist.
  • Medical Play: Teach your children to give medicine to dolls and stuffed animals in play so that they know when and why it is important to take medicine.
  • Take Help From Doctor: There are some medicines that taste better than others and it will be less troublesome for you to give medicine to your children, if you buy it with a flavor your kids like.
  • Use Sugar Spoon: Usually , ough syrups for infants over 6 months are flavored so that medicines taste better but still if you have trouble in giving it to your kid, then use sugar spoon tactic. Before you have to give medicine to your kid, show your kid a sugar spoon and as soon as he/she opens the mouth to have it, ditch him and putting the spoon with cough syrup.
  • Dissolve Medicine in Food: In most cases, it is fine to mix cough syrup for infants under 6 months in their favorite drink but you should always ask your doctor before using this tactic.
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If nothing works, one tactic that never fails is setting up a Reward System for your kid. Although this tactic works for kids above 3 years but you can try it with children under 3 years. Start by giving a chocolate or toffee to your kid as a reward for taking medicine and then gradually offer other rewards as they grow.

There is no second thought that cough in children is a nightmare for parents. There are various cough syrups for infants under 6 months which can be used to relieve cough in kids but before giving medicines for common cough, try using Home Remedies for Common Cough and Cold in Children.

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