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How Soon Can I Take a Home Pregnancy Test?

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How Early Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

If you are showing early pregnancy symptoms then it is the time for you to take a home pregnancy test. It is one of the most convenient ways of knowing if those morning sicknesses are because of stressful working hours or because of a life budding in you.


When Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

Ideally, you should take a home pregnancy test from the day you normally get your periods. It is a good idea to buy a home pregnancy test kit and make yourself sure before you plan to visit a gynecologist. Home pregnancy test kit uses HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone present in the urine to determine the pregnancy.


How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests

There has always been a question on the accuracy of home pregnancy tests. Although pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, however, in around 98% cases these tests have proved to be correct.


Benefits of Using a Home Pregnancy Test

Taking pregnancy tests at home is quite common and there are various companies that have entered into production of pregnancy detection kits. Various benefits of using a home pregnancy test are:

  • Cheaper: A preg test kit costs anywhere from Rs.50 to Rs.80 or $10 to $15 depending upon the company you choose.
  • Easy to use: Instructions on how to use HCG pregnancy test kit are easy to follow and results are shown within minutes.
  • Conveniently Available: Pregnancy test kits are easily available over the counter from any medical store.
  • Privacy: Home pregnancy tests gives you privacy to do the test and detect your pregnancy all by yourself.
  • Quick Results: A pregnancy test kit gives your results within 5 mins, so its fast easy and almost accurate.
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How to Use a Home Pregnancy Test?

Home pregnancy test detect pregnancy by the presence of HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in urine. To use home pregnancy test simple follow the below instructions: –

Steps to use HCG Pregnancy Test Kit

  • Open the pregnancy test kit.
  • Add few urine drops (preferred first urine of the morning) to the circular portion of the device.
  • Keep the result window on the device dry and wait for 5 minutes.

Pregnant – If 2 red lines show up in the result window, it is an indication that you are pregnant.

Not Pregnant – If only 1 red lines show up in the result window, it means you are not pregnant.

If no line shows up that means you have not done the test correctly and should repeat.

Some of the popular home pregnancy tests that are available these days are First Response, PregaNews, One-Step, E.P.T, Advance, Manforce and Answer etc. Most of these pregnancy tests costs around 10$ to 15$ or Rs.50 to Rs.80.

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Getting pregnant is a natural phenomenon and most women go through it at some point of time in their life span. If you see early signs of pregnancy then doing a home pregnancy test is highly recommended. How soon can you take a pregnancy test is largely governed by when you feel you are pregnant. You can take a pregnancy test on any day in the first week when you expected your menstrual cycle to start but they haven’t.


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