iPhone Apps to Help Baby Talk

How to Help Your Baby Talk: iPhone Apps to Help Baby Talk

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Apps to Help Baby Talk

Is your baby old enough but still does not talk? Try one of these top cool iPhone apps to help baby talk. You won’t believe, results could be amazing.

  • Toddler Flashcards – This is a free iPhone mobile app that has a list of flashcards related to objects, animals, letters and number. You can select from one of the 13 languages in which you want to teach your kid and this app will speak letters, number etc. It is a fun interactive app do try it out.
  • Kidzongs – It is simple app that lets your baby listen to popular rhymes. They have list of 6 most popular baby songs like ‘Twinkle Twinkle little stars’, ‘Row Row Row your boat’ etc to choose from. When your kid listens to these songs, he/she grabs the words and eventually start to speak.
  • Learn to Talk First Words – This is an interactive mobile app that lets kids learn the fun way. They have an interactive user interface to teach basic vocabulary to kids.
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Tips to Help Baby Talk in Addition to Apps

In addition to the iPhone apps to help your baby talk, you can adapt the following tips also

  • Start talking to your baby at an early age
  • Point at things when you speak about them. This will help your baby know their names
  • Speak slowly and in simple, clean tone with your kid
  • Spend time talking to your kid and do it often
  • Read to your kid
  • Do hand gestures and signs. Babies from 7th month start to understand hand gestures so make use of them in your conversation
  • Switch off the TV. You may think that your baby gets benefited from the language on the television but it is not true. Flipping between the channels can actually be disadvantageous

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