Kindergarten Readiness: How to Get Ready for School

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Kindergarten Readiness:How to Get Ready for School

With holiday season coming to an end, most of the kids are ready for back to school with new lunchbox, backpack and set of books, however with few parents the question on kindergarten readiness of their ward is still on their mind.

Read on to find out all about kindergarten prep, kindergarten readiness and how to get ready for school.

How to Find out is your Kid Ready for School

Kindergarten is the first step towards baby development hence it is very important to know about kindergarten readiness and is your kid ready for school while preparing your child for kindergarten. Following are some of the factors to figure out that is your kid ready for school or not.

  • One of the main factor is the cutoff date. Most school have the birthday month & year as one of the main criteria to determine if a kid is kindergarten ready. Typically, a kid above 5 years is eligible for kindergarten however it is not the only criteria to measure kindergarten readiness.
  • Other important factor for kindergarten readiness is being able to express and listen. When preparing your child for kindergarten look whether he/she can speak, listen and interpret. Kindergarten ready does not mean that he/she should have mastered various skills, on the contrary your ward should be able to get along with adults and should be able to express.
  • There are some schools that require kids to go through kindergarten readiness test to be able to get ready for school. The result of this test is then evaluated with other same age kids and based on it admissions is granted.
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Kindergarten Prep: Preparing for Kindergarten

As parents you can do a lot of things as kindergarten prep. Following are some key factors in preparing for kindergarten: –

  • Health: Make sure your kid eats healthy and nutritious food with plenty of sleep and regular medical checkups. When your preparing for kindergarten, it is important that your kid has all her vaccinations done, as immunization record is needed at the time of admission.
  • Set a Daily Routine: You should ensure that your kid eats and sleep on same time regularly. This will help develop daily routine and he/she will know when to expect what.
  • Spend Time Together: It is important to spend time playing and reading with your kid. This ensure ideal baby development.  
  • Socialize:Socializing will help expose your kid to different learning experiences, broader the horizon and impart creative thinking.
  • Share Your Experiences: It is important to talk about kindergarten and what to expect there with your kids. Put your examples and frame it to build sense of excitement and help in lower anxiety of going to school.
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Summary on Kindergarten Readiness

There are some parents that delay their kid’s admission to kindergarten believing that it will help gain academic advantage over other kids. Like Really? C’mon, this is a pure myth. On the opposite the sooner a child enter kindergarten,the more exposed he/she is to the world around, the better is the baby development and foundation.

Now that you know all about kindergarten prep, kindergarten readiness and how to get ready for school it’s time to take the decision.

Still wondering is your kid kindergarten ready. Follow this simple kindergarten readiness checklist and get your head clear.

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