Saying No to Kids Without Actually Saying No

Learn the Art of Saying ‘No’ Without Saying ‘No’ to Kids: Become a Positive Parent

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Saying NO to Kids Without Actually Saying NO

You are out for shopping and my kid points at the ice cream she wants, you say No. She insists and you say No again, this time with aggression and then she starts to Cry. How many times has it happened with you? For me, it happens like every single time I am out with my daughter. But through experience, I have learned the art of Saying NO Without Saying NO to kids. Let me share it with you here and make you become a positive parent.

Positive Parenting Part 1: Saying NO Without Saying NO to Kids

How to deal with kids when they demand something? How to say NO to kids without actually saying the word NO? We as parents are so busy raising our kids that we forget to treat them correctly. For a word as simple as NO, there are close to 10 different ways. Such ways will make the word NO sound nicer and your kids will not even realize that you just said NO.

Excited to find out Positive Parenting Part 1: Saying NO Without Saying NO to kids. Read on.

Saying NO to Kids Without Actually Saying NO – Learn How

  1. I Agree, surely, we would have Chocolates but after you finish your dinner. This way you’re saying NO to chocolates before dinner but packing it up differently. This may not work every time and your kid may still insist, if he/she does, try the next option.
  2. Offer your Kid a Choice. See honey, you can either have 1 chocolate before the dinner or have 2 after you finish your meal. You know that eating chocolate just before the dinner will ruin their appetite so you offered them a choice.
  3. Give them an Option. You just had chocolate after coming back from school, how about some chocolate cookies after dinner. This way you gave a better and a healthier alternative to your kid.
  4. Put your kid into Something Different. Distraction is one of the easiest tricks and I have used it on my daughter multiple times. Why is that toy lying there? Call papa for dinner now? Wow, this is my favorite TV show?.. and on and on until the kid forgets about the chocolate she has been asking for.
  5. Get playful with the baby. Join them and make sad faces. How I think not eating chocolates before dinner never exist? I know it tastes so good but we can’t help it. Be as playful as you can and console each other.
  6. Let’s Talk about this with our Dentist. We will ask our dentist whether eating chocolates before the dinner is good or bad. Do remind me next time we visit him. Depending upon the situation use different characters like Doctor, Teacher, Dentist etc.
  7. Have it but Don’t Eat it. My husband never gets wrong with this technique. He gives her chocolates and says, they are all yours, in your custody, so you can either stock them for later or have them after the dinner.
  8. Quote a Character from the Story Book. You know that the little cat from XX story could not sleep all night because she ate chocolates before her dinner. She was in pain all night, I am sure you don’t want to be in such a situation, so let’s first eat dinner and then we can eat all these chocolates.
  9. Saying with Hand Gestures. Make a sign for ‘Okay’ and ‘Not Okay’. So, when your kid asks for chocolates, you can do the hand gesture and kid understands that you said NO.
  10. Remind the kid about the Consequences. Remind you kid that last time he/she did not complete her dinner, mom got mad and we could not watch our favorite cartoon show. I am sure you do you want that to happen again? Do you sweetie. My husband uses it mostly but when I do it, she does not fall in it. She knows daddy is soft hearted when it comes to her.
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Saying NO for chocolate was just an example here and of course, I do not say NO for it always. I picked chocolate as an example to explain various tricks for positive parenting.


Action Plan for Positive Parenting

This is a small exercise for parents. Try the above techniques on your kid and write in your comments below to let me and the world know which trick worked for you. I would love to read your responses. If you have more ways of saying NO to kids without actually saying NO then I would love to know about those. Do comment in the box below.

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