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Am I The Only One That Love Breastfeeding Husband Every Night? Secret Confession


I Confess to Love Breastfeeding Husband Every Night

I admit to love breastfeeding husband every night – So, my son is 5 days old and we visited his doctor today and were told that my baby has lost approx. 500 grams of weight as I was struggling in breastfeeding newborn. I was recommended to use formula milk with supplements to recover his lost weight. I felt so weak because I have been doing ‘everything right’- from eating nutritious food to avoiding sex. Despite doing everything, I feel like a failure. Why is it that my baby is not able to suck milk from my breast?

This question seems to haunt me day and night than one of my friend suggested me to start breastfeeding husband every night before breastfeeding newborn. Her logic was that my baby does not breastfeed because my milk could be blocked hence despite sucking he does not get the milk thus baby stopped to breastfeed.

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She somehow convinced me on breastfeeding husband every night just before breastfeeding newborn so that my baby gets breast milk with ease. This trick worked, Yes!! it did. I started breastfeeding husband every night and once the milk started to flow, I would clean my breast with a cloth and offer it to my baby which then got my milk with minimal efforts.

I had to confess that before the birth of my baby, I never thought I would be involved in such an act but now I can say for sure that I love breastfeeding husband every night. My husband is great and has been very helpful in this. I know he gets crazy sometimes when I instantly ask him to leave my breasts once the milk flow starts and offer it to my baby. But I know he understands that the baby holds priority over anything else.

I remember he once told me that he has started to like the taste of my breast milk and wants to have it all but right now, all my milk is for my baby. One day we would do it for pleasure and that day all my breast milk will be for my husband. I too love breastfeeding husband every night.

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Do You Love Breastfeeding Husband Every Night?

This is the comment I got on one of my articles and thought to share it with my readers. What are your views on this? Do you also love breastfeeding husband every night? Do you think male breastfeeding is right? Just wanted to hear from you. Share your views on breastfeeding husband every night by writing to us in the comment section below or by dropping me an email. I will surely include your side of the story on breastfeeding husband every night.

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