Love Breastfeeding my Husband Every Night

I Love Breastfeeding my Husband Every Night

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I Love Breastfeeding my Husband Every Night

I know it may sound weird to some but I must confession ‘I love breastfeeding my husband every night’ and the feeling is simply amazing. There are a lot of women that want to indulge in breastfeeding husband but fear to talk about it openly. Best is to search online on ‘how to breastfeed your husband pictures’ to help know more about male breastfeeding.

I started male breastfeeding when I was pregnant simply because my husband was too curious to taste breast milk. At first, I was little hesitant about adult breastfeeding but then I started to love breastfeeding my husband every night. Like me, there are many women breastfeeding baby that admit of breastfeeding husband during pregnancy.

Why do Women Indulge in Breastfeeding Husband

There are many women out there that must be curious to know as to why would a woman indulge in adult breastfeeding. There could be various reasons for male breastfeeding like the one I explained before, I started husband breastfeeding because my hubby was curious to taste my breast milk. Another reason to start male breastfeeding is that women enjoy nipple sucking and for some health could be one of the reasons to start male breastfeeding. Women have blockage in breasts which prevents milk flow from nipples and male breastfeeding helps to get things smoothen for baby.

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Important Things to Know in Breastfeeding Husband

If you are looking for how to breastfeed your husband pictures or want to try breastfeeding husband, then following are some details about male breastfeeding that you should know.

  • If you love breastfeeding your husband, then you should go ahead and try it. There isn’t any harm in breastfeeding husband. If you are worried that your baby will remain hungry if you indulge in adult breastfeeding, then this is a myth. Women body can produce as much as milk, as required like some women, have 3 babies to feed and thus body produces the same amount.
  • Women should try male breastfeeding as it comforts them from the pressure in their breasts. Also, your baby does not need all your milk, so there is perfectly no harm in breastfeeding husband.
  • Make sure your husband does not carry any transmission diseases like a cough or cold which may be passed on to the baby since you both are involved in the breastfeeding act. Your love for breastfeeding husband every night should not be done at the cost of the health of your baby.
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I Love Breastfeeding my Husband Every Night: Summary

There is nothing wrong in breastfeeding husband. The only things to keep in mind is to make sure your husband does not have a transmission disease which can be passed on to the baby. Most doctors advise breastfeeding baby first and then keep the reserved milk for your husband.

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