Luvlap Sunshine Baby Highchair : Best Portable High Chair Under 3000 INR


Review: Infant Portable High Chair from LuvLap

Today I am here to review one of the products from Luvlap, the Luvlap sunshine portable high chair. As soon as babies start to eat solids, it is important that you train them to sit and eat and in such situation, the baby highchair is the best.

I read about the baby chair being launched by Luvlap recently and instantly I had my money on it. I was looking for high chairs for sale online and saw a promotional video of the same on YouTube. There are a lot of brands which promise to offer good quality material but Luvlap has been one brand that has never put me down.  I have been using a lot of their products of late and all products are baby friendly, comfortable and safe.


Review of LuvLap Sunshine Portable High Chair

Luvlap sunshine baby high chair is stylish, portable yet comfortable high chair for your kid. Your baby will love to sit and enjoy meals with family on this chair.

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Following are the specifications of this product

 Package Dimensions 58.4 x 48.8 x 16 cm
Weight 6 gms
Minimum Suggested Baby Age in months 6


Features of LuvLap Sunshine Portable Infant High Chair

Following are some of the features that this baby chair has

  • Bright Colors: Unlike the wooden high chair, this baby chair is stylish and portable. It also comes in different bright colors like Yellow, Orange, Neon etc.
  • Safety: Before buying a product for their kid, safety is one feature that all parents look at first. This portable high chair offers 5-point safety harness so that baby is securely seated.
  • Comfortable: Most high chairs for babies in the market these days are comfortable but with added features like a footrest, cushioned seat, and backrest, the comfort is maximized.
  • Easy to Use: This baby chair has a removable multi purpose feeding tray. This tray can be easily removed and cleaned for next sitting. Also, the chair can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth for any strains.
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Where to Buy Baby High Chair For Sale

I am sure after reading the above review on Luvlap Sunshine baby chair, you must be looking for a place where you can buy high chairs for sale, so the wait is over, log onto to directly access the web page and buy baby highchair for sale.

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