Infertility in Men: Causes and Treatment

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What Are Male Infertility Causes & Treatment

If you’re trying to conceive but failing, chances are it could be because of one of the fertility problems. Females are mostly targeted for infertility issues but the truth is that male infertility plays an equal role in not being able to conceive.

In this article, let’s understand various male infertility causes and treatment.


What Are The Male Infertility Causes?

Fertility problems in males are one of the major reason why most women have difficulty in getting pregnant. Male infertility is defined as poor sperm quality or low level of sperm production.

Some of the common male infertility causes are: –

  • Excess intake of alcohol
  • Smoking is one of the key reason for infertility in men
  • Intake of drugs and steroids
  • Modern and stressful lifestyle
  • Obstructions in sperm transportation
  • Exposure to toxic materials like lead or paint
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Wear tight innerwear also causes fertility problems in males
  • Lack of Vitamin C in daily diet
  • Problem in Sperm production
  • Hormonal problems
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Psychological Factors That Cause Fertility Problems in Males

Following are some of the psychological factors that cause fertility problems in males:

  • Premature Ejaculation – This is a condition in which male releases sperm even before it enters woman’s vagina
  • Erectile Dysfunction – This condition leads to impotence
  • Ejaculatory Incompetence – This is a psychological factor in which male can ejaculate while masturbation but has difficulties while having sexual intercourse with female


Male Infertility Treatment

If you are one of those that are suffering from one of the male infertility issues then the good news is that 1 in every 10 male infertility causes can be treated. In other cases, doctors will recommend to take help from various reproductive techniques like IVF (in vitro fertilization). Using such techniques, males suffering from low sperm count can have babies.

Following are some of the common male infertility treatments:

  • Hormonal abnormalities in males can be treated using medicines or surgery
  • Blockage in sperm transportation can be corrected surgically
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle and diet can correct some of the generic male infertility causes
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For couple with fertility issues, chances of getting pregnant naturally may look bleak but with expert advice and treatment almost 20% to 30% of infertile couples will eventually have babies.

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