What Did Mom of 3 Said About Her Daughter That Took Internet by Storm

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Mom of 3 Years Old Said This About Her Daughter and The Internet Appreciated Her Honesty

Facebook post by a young mom has taken the internet by storm and within days of posting, her post has been viewed and shared by close to thousands of people. What did the mom said about her 3 years old daughter in this post which made it viral? Let’s find it out here.

Viral Post of Mom About her 3 Years old Daughter

“I have seen many parents that give their kids everything they demand. In markets, malls everywhere, modern parents want to buy the world for their kids without realizing that it is harming them.”

She went on to quote examples of her bad parenting. “My daughter is pampered to max because she is the youngest of all my babies. We were so happy to have a girl after 2 boys, thus me and my husband made sure she gets everything she puts her hand on. This resulted in spoiling her so much that she threw tantrums, become rebellious and addicted to materialistic things. I remembered an incident where we could not afford to buy her a Barbie house she saw in the mall other day and she broke the one which her friend had. This was a dangerous situation to be in as parents.”

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I warn all parents reading this post, do not just say Yes to everything your kids demand. It is very important to understand what is positive parenting and the line between bad parenting and positive parenting.” said Olive.

Parenting is never an easy job. Olive had a message in her post – difference between good parenting vs bad parenting. She wanted parents like us to be aware that how awkward and serious situations we can get into if we do not understand child phycology and learn to say NO to children.

This post made me think, I am being a good mother? Because I am the one that insists my husband to buy things that my daughter asks for and if she grows as stubborn and rebellious as Olive’s daughter then I won’t be able to forgive myself ever. I would be the worst mom. Getting scared I started to search the internet to find about child phycology and ways to get out of situations where kid insists on buying things. Surprisingly I found some cool ways to say NO without actually using the word NO with kids.

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Positive Parenting Tip: As Parents, Learn to Say NO to Kids

Find out cool ways to say NO to kids without using the word NO:

  • Offer your Kid a Choice:Honey, you can either have one of these things or not have it at all. The call is yours. You decide” This sends a message to kids that their decision will shape their life, priorities things etc. I tried it on my kid and it worked. She agreed to get one of the things rather than asking for both.
  • Give Them an Option:You just had chocolate after you were back from school, how about some chocolate cookies after dinner.” This way you give your kids a better and a healthier alternative.
  • Put Your Kids Into Something Different: “Myra, can you please pass on that thing to me”, “Hurry up, Let’s see who is the one to reach first”.. and on and on until the kid forgets about the thing he/she is insisting to buy. These are just a few examples, based on your situations, see what works the best for you. Distracting your kids is the key to say NO for something without actually using the word NO.
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Modern Parents don’t know how to say NO to kids but it is important to say it so that kids value things when they grow. Use the above techniques and let your kid grow into a good human. If you know of more tricks to say NO to kids, comment below. I am sure many moms like me would love to read your thoughts.

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