Need marriage counseling. Does anyone know where to get marriage therapy?

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Where to get Marriage Counseling done

Hello friends, My name is Reeta ( name changed) and I have been in this marriage for nearly 5 years now. But nowadays a lot of conflicts happen between me and my husband and thus I am looking for marriage counseling. Can anyone connect me to a place to do marriage therapy? My professional career is also at stake because of my spoiled marriage. I have a son who is just 2 years old and he also is impacted because of these daily issues between me and my husband. We are looking at marriage counseling as the last option before we going for a divorce.

It all started a few years back when I got promoted to a higher designation than my husband. I wanted to take the family out and live the moment but I noticed that my husband was not happy with my promotion and thus declined to go out that night. Ever since then, on small little things we started to have ego clashes and all this had a bad influence on our son. He used to be scared to talk to us thinking we are upset and may scold him. Does anyone have anything to help me save this marriage or marriage counseling link to share? I really need honest advice here.


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