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Never Say These to Your Childless Friend: Parenting Advice


Parenting Advice on Things to Avoid Saying to Childless Friends

Parenting advice on what not to say to your childless friends. Here are few things that you should never say to your friends when you don’t have parenting in common.

What not to Say to Childless Friends: Parenting Advice

  • “When are you going to have children?”: Never ask this question loud in a gathering. While there are many couples happy childless, for some the situation could be different like facing infertility or facing any other complex struggle.
  • “We always wanted children”: By saying this you have sent an inadvertent message that we wanted kids hence had it you don’t want hence are childless.
  • “Breastfeeding is Tough Job”: Though it is and we all understand it, don’t say it openly and embrace friends that do not have kids.
  • “I invited only moms for kitty party”: Moms means women with children and your childless friend may feel excluded or isolated because of this statement.
  • “Lucky you!! you get to shop and sleep in”: It takes a lot to be parents and you must give up on a lot of things but when you repeatedly say such lines to your childless friend, it may hurt them.
  • “Sex after Baby, forget it”: What is even the point talking about your sex life or bedtime with other friends. You may have close friends or moms with kids that may be in the same situation, discuss with them. Does it make more sense?
  • “Your Pet is Your baby”: We sometimes make a joke and say this loud but it feels like a consolation prize. It sends a message like, since you do not have kids thats why you consider your pet to be your baby.
  • “Now I can’t even die; I’m a mom”: You may be stressed someday and may say this but a parenting advice, avoid using this with your childless friend.
  • “You wouldn’t understand”: Try and understand, why would a friend of yours without a kid, have any interest in your mom talks. Take this parenting advice seriously and talk about kids only with mom friends.
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Above were few parenting advice that you should follow for a healthy relationship with your childless friends.

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