never say these things to your kids

Never Say These Things to Your Kids

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Things to Never Say to Kids

Is your kid too demanding? Do you think is it normal? How do you handle such situations?

Following are the things or phrases that you should never say to kids : –

  1. “It’s Beyond our Reach. We can’t afford that.”

Avoid using this phrase every time when your kid begs for the latest toy as this sends a message that the family is not doing good financially which can have adverse effect on kids. You can use a different way of communicating the same message like saying “Why don’t we save this money to buy something better and useful”. This way they would learn the art of saving and manage money effectively.


  1. “You Did a Great Job.”

Studies have shown that if every time you use the phrases like “You Did a Great Job” or “Great Job” or “Good Girl or Boy” when your kid goes something properly makes him/her dependent on your confirmation. You should keep these phrases and use them only in case you kid really does exceptional.

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  1. “Practice Will Make You Perfect”

It is a common saying that more you work, the perfect you get but many times, kids take this as an excuse if they fail thus lowering the zest in them to excel. In some cases, it is reverse and kids start to feel pressure. They start thinking that even if they do a lot of practice yet they are not the best. Hence parents are advised to avoid using this phrase, instead, they can inspire their kids to work hard and feel proud of the overall progress in them.


  1. “You are okay”

Your kid comes home with scratched knee and you instantly reply to him that he/she is fine and okay to reassure him/her which is one of the biggest mistake. Your kid is crying which clearly means he/she is not okay, so you as a parent should make him/her understand that he/ she is not badly hurt and it will be fine. A tight hug can do wonders in such a situation followed by asking something like “Ooh, that was bad fall. I too had plenty of those in my childhood”.

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  1. “Hurry up with things”

Try not to stress your kid by saying him/her to hurry up with things instead you should soften your tone and use motivational phrase like “lets, see who finishes of this glass of milk the fastest” or “Why don’t we race to see who gets ready the first”.


  1. “Dessert only when you Finish your dinner.”

When you use this phrase you actually decrease the enjoyment of the meal and increase the value of the desert, completely opposite of what you would want. You can tweak this message by saying something like “First let’s eat and enjoy our meal, then we would have dessert.” Such wording will have far more positive impact on your child than the previous phrase.


  1. “Wait, let me help”

Do you as a parent jump in early and help your kid stuck in building a puzzle or a block tower? If yes, then don’t because jumping in early will gives a clear indication to your kid that he/she can’t work independently and needs your help in everything. Instead, you’re your kid struggle and ask for questions that will help him solve the problem. If you see, the kid is not going right way and is stuck, try putting questions like “Do you think, the big block will go to left side. I am guessing. Let’s try.”

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