newborn baby sleep chart

Newborn Baby Sleep Chart: Baby Sleep Patterns by Age

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Newborn Baby Sleep Chart

Wondering how much should your newborn baby sleep? What is the baby sleep patterns by age? How many naps are required for a healthy baby? Check out the Newborn baby sleep chart, to get answers to all these queries. On an average, newborn sleeps all throughout day and night waking up every few hours for feedings. For new parents, baby sleep chart is helpful to understand baby sleep patterns by age.

Signs for Newborn Baby Sleep Readiness

The newborn baby is all set for sleep when you notice the following physical signs:

  • Yawning
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Fussing

Newborn Baby Sleep Chart: Know Baby Sleep Pattern by Age

Every baby is different and it is difficult to say that all baby follow the below set newborn baby sleep schedule, however, most of the babies do. The below baby sleep cycle lists the average baby sleep (Day & Night) time and along with it the average baby sleep and awake time.

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