Why do we not do Breastfeeding Husband Every Night?

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Why do we not do Breastfeeding Husband Every Night?

In the starting days of parenthood, I was so involved in breastfeeding and pumping for my baby that I did not like the idea of husband breastfeeding or adult breastfeeding. But today after breastfeeding husband every night I proudly say that it was perhaps my best decision of life.

Men likes to suck nipples and it is very very normal, so if your husband asks for your breast milk, don’t think he is pervert. Adult nursing is completely normal and I can say from my personal experience that it had a positive impact on our relationship. I can proudly say that I love breastfeeding my husband very night. However, one should limit breastfeeding sessions to once per week to keep the fun going.

There are certain things that you should read if you are planning to indulge in adult breastfeeding.


Tips on Breastfeeding Husband Every Night

  • Clean your breasts before and after adult breastfeeding sessions. It is important to understand that you have a newborn that would suck after your husband and you do not want any of the transmitted diseases to go to baby.
  • Keep breastfeeding sessions for certain special occasions. If you indulge in breastfeeding husband every night then the charm of it goes hence I would suggest limiting the adult nursing sessions to once or twice a week.
  • Baby is the 1st priority hence make sure you let your husband get closer to your breasts only after you have let your baby has his share. Always remember, only excess breast milk is for your husband.
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Why do we not do Breastfeeding Husband Every Night: Summary

There was a time when I was breastfeeding husband every night but then I realized that the whole charm of it was washing away. It was like a normal day activity for us before we sleep. It was that time we both decided that we should limit our adult breastfeeding sessions and keep this for special occasions only. Just keep above tips and I am sure you would have a great time breastfeeding husband.

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