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Parenting Advice: Mom leaves 3-Year Old Twins Home Alone, You Don’t want to Know What Happened Next


It is common for us to lock our kids at home and go to buy daily needs stuffs. If you too do the same then, Beware! This unfortunate incident is an eye opener.

A case was reported in Rohini area of Delhi, India where a home maker mom left to buy washing detergent leaving 3-Years old twins alone at home. Upon return, she did not believe what she saw.

“I decided to wash clothes in the afternoon and filled my fully automatic washing machine with water., Soon I realized that the washing detergent box at home had emptied out. I locked the main door and went to grocery store to purchase it” said the mother. Little did she realized that she has left 2 inquisitive kids at home.

When she returned, which the mother says happened in less than 10 minutes, she was not able to locate both her kids. She ran looking for them all around. Failing to find them, she called the Emergency number and logged a complaint.

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A minute later she could not believe what she saw. She noticed clothes inside the washing machine but she clearly remembered that she did not put any since she did not had washing detergent.

“There were loud screams which could be heard from far. Everyone that had gathered rushed to the source to see kids lying inside the washing machine unconscious” said a neighbor.

Kids were rushed to the nearest hospital where doctors confirmed death due to drowning. The family does not suspect any foul play but investigating team are seeing this case from all angles. “At first it looks like, since there was cloth pile right under the washing machine, kids would have climbed it and tried to peep inside the washing machine which could have caused them to slip head on inside. The second kid would have followed brother” said the investigating officer.

Parenting Advice

This incident will haunt the mother and family all throughout their life now. Never ever leave toddler unattended. You cannot imagine the extent of eagerness in them to inherit new things. For parenting expert advice, log on to

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