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Product Review of Doddle Pro Slim by Fisher Price

Product Review

Save Your Walls, Use Doddle Pro Slim by Fisher Price: Product Review

My daughter is almost 2 years now and I had to train her on her writing and art skills. Little did I know that pencil and colors that I gave her to learn these skills will turn my house walls into her canvas. But thanks to Doddle Pro Slim by Fisher Price, my walls are now saved from getting ‘beaten’ up by marks of crayons, markers, and pencils.

Doddle Pro Slim is a portable doodle pad which has a small pen attached with string to the board. There are no batteries needed in this and your baby can work on her writing and artist skills easily using this pad.


Read through the article to get the detailed product review on this Educational Toy by Fisher Price.


Detailed Review of Doddle Pro Slim toy by Fisher Price?

Doddle Pro Slim pad offers hours of doodling and writing as it consists of easy slide clean magnetic screen and a pen with a magnetic tip. It also offers stamps of different shapes to help kids in learning to draw shapes like star, triangle, circle and so on.

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Product Specifications

  • Recommended Age to Use: 18 M to 2 Years
  • Price: INR 1599
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Material: Plastic
  • Choking Hazard: No

Pros of Fisher Price – Doddle Pro Slim Educational Toy

  • Improves writing skills in kids
  • Made from tough plastic hence durable
  • It is a portable toy yet it provides enough area to draw on
  • Light and compact educational toy for babies


Cons of Fisher Price – Doddle Pro Slim Educational Toy

  • The drawing surface does not get erased completely when kid’s slide
  • Magnetic Pen tied to it is very small
  • You cannot draw a detailed picture using this pad


Do I Recommend Fisher Price – Doddle Pro Slim Educational Toy?

My experience with this baby toy from Fisher Price is not amazing. My daughter, like most of the kids of her age group, throws it away when gets bored and because of it, I see some drawing area have stopped to function. Also, the drawing surface does not get cleanly erased which is a major negative of this product. The drawing surface shows gray light dots even after erased.

I would not recommend Doddle Pro Slim by Fisher Price to any of my readers because for a price of INR 1599 it does not prove to be value for money. Similar products cheaper than this offer are much better deal.

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How much do I Rate Fisher Price – Doddle Pro Slim Educational Toy?

 Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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