Reasons Why Your Children Misbehaves With Newborn

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Reasons Why Your Children Misbehaves With Newborn/Behavior Changes

If you have recently welcomed a newborn to the family then chances are you may be experiencing behavior changes in your firstborn because of the arrival of the newborn. In this article, I am going to list down my experience dealing with my first child after the arrival of my second one.

Noticeable Behavior Changes in Firstborn on Arrival of Second

Following are some of the noticeable changes you may see in your firstborn on arrival of the second born:

  • Rejection to go to anybody except mumma
  • Increased tantrums
  • Violence towards the newborn
  • Increased Violence towards parents
  • Disturb sleep

Many parents are worried about such behavior changes in their first child after the arrival of the second one but let me tell you, it is very common. Almost all children react to this phase like this. Now imagine a situation, you came home from work and your husband greets you at the door and says “Hey, Hello! How was your day? Come in, let me introduce you to our new partner”. How would you feel? Obviously shocked, angry, surprised.

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You would be wondering why is there a need for someone else when I am there. Am I not enough? He does not love me like he used to? Similar is the situation with first child. They go through the same emotions like, why is there a need for somebody else? Am I not enough? They don’t care about me like they use to anymore?

This is the reason you experience the behavior changes in your first child after the arrival of a baby boy or baby girl. Some grandparents advise that you should be harsh on your first child and punish them if they attack the newborn. You need to teach them that there is someone else also on your priority list but let me tell you, based on my experience, these things only worsen the situation. I would advise all second-time parents to be very polite and give time to the first one to mingle with the second one, gradually you would see that bond building between the two.

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